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08 March, 2018

International Women's Day!

International Women's day!

I want to talk about something that bothers many women, and many men, too.

The anxiety about being perfect.

Have you ever took hundreds of photos just to find a perfect one to upload to your social media? Have you ever looked at some people's "perfect life" on their instagram and started to get depressed about how your life is far from "perfect"?
The commercial world create a delusion telling us what is perfect, and they convince us being perfect is "normal", so that if we don't feel fit in to the perfect world, we would have to buy their products to solve our anxiety. Sad, isn't it?
It's easy to say "love yourself" to people who has the anxiety, but it's not really helpful. The problem is the pressure in our society. We need to stop worship the photoshoped look and stop to bully people about their look. Then we will start to love ourselves truly.

Here is the clip of an inspiring talk on BBC radio, it's really worth to listen.
I love what the guest Nick Knight said:
"We are beautifully imperfect"

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