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11 August, 2017

11/08/2017 drawings and emotions

Today I have a bit of time to clean up my studio. I found the pile of drawings left aside for a while. That's a project I was working on last month. Weirdly, when I looked back to those drawings I done, I realised that what my emotions was while I doing it. They all went into the drawings.

Is it a good thing to put the personal emotions into drawings? I thought to myself. No answers yet.

When I looked at it, to me, it totally reflects my feelings at that time. I feel so embarrassing to be seen through like this. BUT, what I am wondering is: Can the readers see that too? Can they see my emotions? Or it's just me? Do tell me what you think if you see this post.

Back to the illustration itself. This is a story I have in mind for a long time, and I decided to take it serious this time, and hope to complete it soon. I love this spread. I like the grey-ish blue background, though somehow I feel it has a lot of influences from many trending artist. Who cares, people always get influences from each others. Don't you think?

Here are two close-up pictures of this illustration.

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