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21 July, 2017

Start over.

First of all I have to say I feel quite shameful to abandon this blog for so long...

I started this blog as I started my MA course, which is a big turning point of my life. I blogged for encouraging myself to draw daily, draw more. And it did help me a lot. Seven years past, I have a portfolio website,,twitter instagram, facebook page, behance etc, there are so many social media to maintain! Geez! Somehow, I think blogs are differet. It's more like diary, you can be more honest, to present more in it, instead of just a short caption and a photo for earning likes.

Anyway, I am thinking to start blogging again. It probably will be very random, very casual, very persoal stuff. I just need a place to write, to pour my heart out. I am writing for myself, but if you enjoy reading it, that will be my pleasure, too.


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