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28 September, 2013

No. 165

I love the feeling that playing without purpose! I miss it :)
Recently I didn't really mange my time well to focus on artwork, which make me feel panic, guilty and uninspired... I wish I can just stay at my studio (okay actually just my room) for whole few days, no need to go anywhere! Sometimes I can feel people expect me to be more sociable but they don't understand that's how i being a still-learning illustrator. Yes lock myself in the room.

Oh I miss my illustrator friends :)

24 September, 2013


Alright, I know it's a very diverse try.
My agent told me that I might can try this kind of fashion illustration, not only children's book illustration.
It's fun to do it, and quite relax actually.
Maybe because I love children's book art too much.Then when I drew it, I always think a lot and a lot, then act a little :( However, it's still my favourite!!

我其實不太懂,這種很強烈地想從外表證明自己的心情。應該說,我一直不懂流行 :p