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30 January, 2013

No.148 if-wings

28 January, 2013


Consistant? :/

oh I don't know...................

I kept changing my mind during doing every picture, and now I am not sure it looks consistant or not :s

15 January, 2013


recently i quite enjoy using gouache. It's just like between watercolour and acrylic.
Well, the artist block still here, but i kind of find the track to keep on.
Best wishes to morris the mole xx

11 January, 2013


Alright, this actually is an abandon piece. And actually not only this one, all of the attempting are fail...
Yes I think I need to redo all of them. It's not easy to decide it, and even difficult to complete the dummy before deadline... it's so tense now... give up something, it's the lesson  I think :-/

01 January, 2013

happy new year 2013!

Happy New Year!

2012 is a meaningful year to me, in many ways.
2013 will be a even more meaningful and exciting year, yes, "Mr White" is coming out soon, i am so looking forward it :)