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08 July, 2013

First solo exhibition in Taipei


My first solo exhibition.

After my first picture book published on June, and I went back to Taiwan, doing some event to introduce my creations.
To be honest I don't really like to do promotion work... I don't like to talk in public :s
However, I gained experiences and received feedback from readers :)

There's a activity for children to decorate a Mr White tote bag by themselves.

I love this work. She's better than me!

And this is the exhibition.

With a tutor from college, what a surprise he showed up.

 I was drawing a ambulance for little Titus. He loves any kind of cars.

Thanks a lot for people who attend and help me to set up, and special one support me in spirit :))


  1. Oh wow Yiting, that is wonderful. I can't wait to hear more about your exhibition. Promotion is difficult, but if it helps to inspire childrent to draw and learn, it's always a good thing :)

    1. I wish I could visit the house you live in Cambridge now and all of you were still there! Holding a exhibition is much complicating than I thought, but yes it could be a good inspiration :) I can't wait to finish everything in Taiwan and go back to my tiny room in Cambridge and draw!

  2. All the photos look so lovely, Yiting!
    Drawing activity with children sounds very nice.
    Please drop in the house when you come back and tell me allll about the exhibition! I am still here.

    1. yes I do like to have interactions with children! though sometimes it's a bit tired when it's a big group without any teacher's help.(they will go crazy!) I gonna tell you a lot when i back there :) x