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17 December, 2013

No.172 Merry Christmas 2013

Made a few christmas cards for few people.

Can't believe 2013 is near the ending...

27 November, 2013


being really bad at blogging :S

However, this is a commission I done recently. I was very happy and enjoy doing it :)

It's a wall painting picture for a department store in Taipei, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.

Thanks for my agent dealing with it well, they are amazing.

I feel I improved myself more after done this big challenge :)

28 October, 2013

No.169 Halloween!

Halloween costume alphabet!
Can you see what's each alphabet stand for?

H for Harry Potter, A for....

Try to draw something for halloween, and it turns out something quite different from what I used to do.

28 September, 2013

No. 165

I love the feeling that playing without purpose! I miss it :)
Recently I didn't really mange my time well to focus on artwork, which make me feel panic, guilty and uninspired... I wish I can just stay at my studio (okay actually just my room) for whole few days, no need to go anywhere! Sometimes I can feel people expect me to be more sociable but they don't understand that's how i being a still-learning illustrator. Yes lock myself in the room.

Oh I miss my illustrator friends :)

24 September, 2013


Alright, I know it's a very diverse try.
My agent told me that I might can try this kind of fashion illustration, not only children's book illustration.
It's fun to do it, and quite relax actually.
Maybe because I love children's book art too much.Then when I drew it, I always think a lot and a lot, then act a little :( However, it's still my favourite!!

我其實不太懂,這種很強烈地想從外表證明自己的心情。應該說,我一直不懂流行 :p

31 August, 2013


It's more hard than I thought to get myself back to artist mode/thinking. After spending many days to settle myself back to life in Cambridge, finally I feel slightly more inspired. Therefore, I decided I will never let it go again (hope so..).
It was so panic that when my brain can't really think, my hand can't really draw what I want to draw, or my brain doesn't know what to draw!
Lots of worries, which is useless. So I decided to just go for any little image, and then do it a linocut.
Well, act act act! That's what I need.

19 August, 2013


Back to Cambridge... :)
Try to get myself back to drawing, which I didn't do it for almost the two months! (feeling guilty)
I know there must be many other lovely places in the world, but Cambridge will always be the very special one in my heart.

08 July, 2013

First solo exhibition in Taipei


My first solo exhibition.

After my first picture book published on June, and I went back to Taiwan, doing some event to introduce my creations.
To be honest I don't really like to do promotion work... I don't like to talk in public :s
However, I gained experiences and received feedback from readers :)

There's a activity for children to decorate a Mr White tote bag by themselves.

I love this work. She's better than me!

And this is the exhibition.

With a tutor from college, what a surprise he showed up.

 I was drawing a ambulance for little Titus. He loves any kind of cars.

Thanks a lot for people who attend and help me to set up, and special one support me in spirit :))

14 June, 2013


A scene in my dream.

I was on a ship, looking out from the porthole. Then I was stunned by the beautiful scene.

I tried hard to reach the highest place on the ship, to see it more clearly.

The trees and other plants, animals... in the mountain were so vivid and appealing.

I can't forget it after I woke up, so I drew it.

12 June, 2013


It's Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) in Taiwan today.

On that day, people eat Zongzi, watching/joining Dragon boat competition, gathering with family.

Therefore, I miss my grandma more today.




29 May, 2013


Don't really know what to do after Morris story been done. Many ideas just ideas in my head, not really work on them much... :-/ i decided to just keep doodling! yeah!

09 May, 2013


Every baby is meant to be born.

They are patiently waiting in another outer space, for their dads and mums to meet, to marry, to give a birth of them.

17 April, 2013

16 April, 2013

Mr White, nearly here :)

It's very exciting to receive the advance copy of my first book "Mr White", which will be released on 1st June ( I suppose).

And I found it's on Amazon already!

Also I start to think about the following story about Mr White...

I try to extend it, the world he lives, the people he meet, the things he does... it's quite fun to just let the imagination lead me and Mr White to go anywhere :)