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21 April, 2012

my dear Inu...

I miss you so much...

I don't know if there's a heaven, or it's just create to comfort people still alive...

I miss you, Inu.

19 April, 2012


Go To Space- 3(or 4)

the sequential image project of Go To Space.

We always meet someone in our life, someone from a very different background/place/life, who might teach us something we never thought before.

13 April, 2012


In my culture, I never aware the difference between drawing and painting, cos we just use the same word. I am not good at painting, I feel less confidence to paint. Today, in my practice of gouache, I kind of found some tips and the way to control it. Also I found myself tend to use a loose way to paint, cos when I tried to paint a delicate painting, it just normal.

    like this one.
well, I still like this one, but just feel it's not mine :-/

exploring journey keep going......

05 April, 2012

01 April, 2012

No.127 idea of new story

“ Mr Mole got an invitation from The City, invite him to attend a very posh party... ”

Recently this new story just came into my mind, I was so exciting! And now I am enjoying develop it more, from the structure of story to character developing... oh I love to be a children's book maker :D