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31 January, 2012

The Alley- A kickstarter project

The idea I've worked on from last summer until now... finally it's launch!

It's a innovative idea of pop-up children's book, we design a special reading angle for readers to experience the feeling of walking into a dark alley. It's an interesting book, and will surprise you.

it's an unique design, which cannot open fully and create a simliar perspective as a real alley.

When you were a kid, have you ever walk into a dark alley in front of you? or you just not dare to? NOW YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO! Albie is a boy full of curiosity, and he feels he is brave, or want to be brave. Now it seems something there in the dark alley... Shall we go to find it out with Albie?

To know more, find out Here

Thank you for any contribution and sharing this if you like :)

27 January, 2012

No.113 Valentine's

Well well, Mr. White is in LOVE?!

Though it's a bit early... anyway~ Happy Valentine's Day

also you can buy

Valentine's card

Print product

and I got this one for myself :P

23 January, 2012

IF- twirl

this week topic totally fits in this page of Mr. White's adventure! :D

know more about Mr. White

Happy CNY!

Mr. White comes to say : 
           HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! wish all of you a wonderful dragon year ~

19 January, 2012


Snow Queen, she's cruel but in the other side she's just so lonely...

Though kind of finish my master project, daily drawing should keep going, keep playing.

I found when I am a bit upset or sad, I prefer to use acrylic to paint. Probably because painting wildly with brush is a good way to release my emotion.

17 January, 2012

No.111 IF-prepare

Little red hood prepares to meet her grandma.


playing with soft pastel again. I love the gentle tone, though it still hard to control.

Before MA show, I am a bit upset and just keep playing with different stuff, or trying to come up something else can help my exhibition...Anyway, any effort is good :)

"Mr. White" Blurb book

So exciting!

I ordered my book on blurbook and finally it's here!

and thanks for people who really support me, hope you enjoy "Mr. White" :)

I ordered a imagewrap hardcover.

15 January, 2012

Mr. White short video

A very short video I made for "Mr. White"
Music from The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky

it's quite difficult to edit video to me... I hope I can make a better one later...


Actually this is what I made for "Mr. White" as endpapers. I love this one a lot, cos it's my precious experience of using screen printing.

12 January, 2012

No.110 IF - grounded

 A Humboldt penguin lives in Atacama desert, grounded on sands.


Beyond the book "Mr. White", I am thinking to do something more for the exhibition. I love penguins, then I study some video on BBC. It's really enjoyable :) I don't know what the penguin story will become to, but I love to do it :D

08 January, 2012

Mr. White -- my book!!


Finally! I done it~~~ Q_Q

My bookMr. White』, just published on Blurb, and i just ordered one for myself :P

click image to purchase

Wow...this book means a lot to me, a big achievement. Thanks for many people around me. It's just as a child I bear,and I love it so much...

Anyway, it's just a beginning to me. I have to keep going, and I love it :)

If you like Mr. White, you can purchase it here. Truly appreciate your supporting:)