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28 February, 2012


There is a mum, a baby, and teddy in the tube,
saw a mum bear, a baby bear and doll in the tube. 

24 February, 2012


The story is about a mole and a girl, which I wrote in my first project.

I didn't complete it properly at the moment. Recently I tried to develop it more, and found it still not easy, maybe will take longer time to.

Hope it will come out soon :)

18 February, 2012

No.116 - IF

Fluid, Her tears and the rain.

she lost one of her shoe so she cannot go home.

Keep playing with different expression, so much FUN :)

16 February, 2012

05 February, 2012

Green Duck, Mr. White's friend

Green Duck, one of Mr. White's friends

If you remember, this duck shows in the book !

Yes, this time it will play the card stand role on my exhibition!

Everyone all welcome ~