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08 January, 2012

Mr. White -- my book!!


Finally! I done it~~~ Q_Q

My bookMr. White』, just published on Blurb, and i just ordered one for myself :P

click image to purchase

Wow...this book means a lot to me, a big achievement. Thanks for many people around me. It's just as a child I bear,and I love it so much...

Anyway, it's just a beginning to me. I have to keep going, and I love it :)

If you like Mr. White, you can purchase it here. Truly appreciate your supporting:) 


  1. Hello thanks for adding me in your g+. I looked at your book and love it. Already tweet about it. Hope you get a lot of feedback !

    Have a merry day :)

    1. I like your daily drawing project :) and it's really helpful!