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31 January, 2012

The Alley- A kickstarter project

The idea I've worked on from last summer until now... finally it's launch!

It's a innovative idea of pop-up children's book, we design a special reading angle for readers to experience the feeling of walking into a dark alley. It's an interesting book, and will surprise you.

it's an unique design, which cannot open fully and create a simliar perspective as a real alley.

When you were a kid, have you ever walk into a dark alley in front of you? or you just not dare to? NOW YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO! Albie is a boy full of curiosity, and he feels he is brave, or want to be brave. Now it seems something there in the dark alley... Shall we go to find it out with Albie?

To know more, find out Here

Thank you for any contribution and sharing this if you like :)

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