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24 September, 2011




This illustration is inspired by an interesting blog, a girl who can levitate in the air.
Definitely it's just the effect of photography, however it's really brilliant idea and great artworks.


e-card or postcard 

微涼的天氣,希望你們都過的很好 :)

23 September, 2011



i easily to get lost in reality,       
because there are so many fantastic things in my world.


Step back to sketch, this is what i gonna do now.

i feel i have a good start on this semester, because i sort of realise who i am...
just wish i can have a good ending as well! 

13 September, 2011


the cover of The Alley  :D

The project i was struggling with for the whole summer, The Alley, finally i got some breakthroughs!

the cover i done i am so happy with that at the moment!

wish i could done the whole artwork as well, this challenge means a lot to me!

11 September, 2011


I am back :D

this time i went a trip for three weeks long. From Germany, Italy then Spain.

I love the time.

just sort of sad that I didn't draw a lot :(

there are only few pictures I drew in Venice to share, the most romantic city.

the gondoliers

there was one thing sort of make me feel sad is that my postcards didn't sell out.
I know i should not magnify it but just a bit disappointed :(
cos i was thinking that it could be an achievement of my own as a good beginning of being an artist who can earn money by artworks.'s not easy...i know...

fine, keep going then it will come oneday :(