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17 December, 2011

No. 109

Merry Christmas :)

 hope you like it !

12 December, 2011


Hey! Will you pick it up on shelf in bookshop because of this cover? :-/

Although people say don't judge a book by its cover, it's still very important in reality! lol

Personally, I like it. But I'm just not very certain that does it delivers the information enough? does it looks interesting?

what do you think?

V&A illustration award entry

it's quite exciting to see my artwork showing on V&A website, though it's just the entry :P

and I am on twitter now, welcome to follow me :)

09 December, 2011


Christmas is coming~
i design some cards on Heyjumbo. Anyone can purchase it and customise your own card.

Probably it's the first time i can really feel what is Christmas. I saw people go Christmas shopping in town and finally realise what is Christmas shopping (spend lots of time and money to buy staff for others). I saw many Christmas decoration on street. I received some gifts or greetings from friends, and also feel a bit lonely cos many people will go home to gather with family. But anyway, i still got many things to do here~ WORK HARD in a RELAX way!

03 December, 2011

Mill Road Winter Fair

今天展出了三張畫,在Mill Road Winter Fair



thank you, anyone who pay attention on my artwork :)