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28 November, 2011



18 November, 2011


it's a long journey, isn't it?

Yes it is!

Finally I made pictures more close to finished work, and i am so happy about that :D

I got the story, I create the character, now I am doing and artwork! unbelievable!


Briefly, the story is about Mr.White and how he started to paint his world.

Here are some pages I try to edited, not the decided one.

will be happy to hear any comments :)

monoprint+pencil drawing

monoprint+pencil drawing 


I am surprised that I can enjoy printmaking now, which I thought it's too complicated and uninteresting to me, haha. I am lucky to get many people's help, everyone is like a angel around me :)

11 November, 2011


After crit, I got many comments and suggestion about my book. I am really happy about that. Now I am a bit confused what I should do next, just keep thinking about it...
ya maybe just need to step back a bit to see, then I will realise it

01 November, 2011


Ready for 2012 ?

get a new calendar for it!!

I've illustrated a series about animals with their breakfast, hope you like it.

this is the sample of one of the format, you can choose the year and format you want on the website