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31 July, 2011


I went to Edinburgh and York with my sister for a four day trip, it's awesome!

Through doing some simple pencil sketches, i felt fresh again.

Edinburgh castle.
Though I didn't enter the castle it's still beautiful enough from the angle of sitting at Princes Street Park.

Holyrood Park, the view from Calton hill.

Then this is York. A scene from a riverside.

The most different thing happened recently is i am totally not alone. 
When the family member around,it's really good to joking and chatting all the day together. i won't feel lonely anymore.
At the same time, i lost the moment to get alone with myself which is the most important part i made most of the works actually. i likes to think a lot while i am alone, and this is where i get inspiration. 
I am happy that I realised the lonely moments did mean a lot to me :)

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