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31 July, 2011


I went to Edinburgh and York with my sister for a four day trip, it's awesome!

Through doing some simple pencil sketches, i felt fresh again.

Edinburgh castle.
Though I didn't enter the castle it's still beautiful enough from the angle of sitting at Princes Street Park.

Holyrood Park, the view from Calton hill.

Then this is York. A scene from a riverside.

The most different thing happened recently is i am totally not alone. 
When the family member around,it's really good to joking and chatting all the day together. i won't feel lonely anymore.
At the same time, i lost the moment to get alone with myself which is the most important part i made most of the works actually. i likes to think a lot while i am alone, and this is where i get inspiration. 
I am happy that I realised the lonely moments did mean a lot to me :)

14 July, 2011


Sea gull wants...

Why this sea gull in this space?

I have no idea, lol


the only thing I know about this picture is, I enjoy the process of drawing it :-)

This is what Martin told me to, enjoy it, don't worry too much. ( I am such a worrying peroson, awful )

About the summer project I am doing now, I still feel so difficult to make a completed book, stuck at many points which I cannot figure out... do I too greedy to do it with my level now? :-/

Hey! too much worry again! lol

13 July, 2011


it shows how much i love After Eight lol

Using the envelops of the chocolates that should be throw into bin to make a lovely image, this is the amazing and fun part of collage!


吃了我最愛的After Eight薄荷巧克力,漂亮的包裝紙就拿來玩一下囉 :P

之前就愛上它了,只是最近才發現它是這麼歷史悠久的巧克力(since 1960's)

前陣子是在Raymond Briggs的書裡發現它的蹤跡,




嘿,再來一片吧 :P

12 July, 2011


A man comes back to the tree he used to lay down there in his childhood.

The tree looks the same, the boy looks different now.

03 July, 2011


In UK, the weather can dominate the mood of a individual somehow.

That day it rains, I am sort of sad.


最近在跟朋友合作一個有趣的project, 因為他有個很棒的童書idea,所以就找我合作。

我覺得這本書要是做出來一定很棒,我可以很有信心的拿去給Martin還有出版社看 <3

現在就先祕密進行吧 :P