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07 March, 2011

No.72 [ Jack & Bad Dog]-part 1

Here is the beginning of my story...


While Jack walking with Bad Dog, 
suddenly it got rid of and ran into house crazily ! 

After Jack walked through, 
Bad Dog started to mess up everything crazily!

to be continued...


i am not sure it's a final work or not cuz i still think it's not mature enough :(

what do you think?


  1. In fact I like the color in the painting in No.69 post better...
    I love the feeling of flatness?!(can you understand what I mean?) in your previous painting, too.
    It might be nice to use hot press paper. You will be able to draw lines smoothly as well.
    But this is just my opinion...

  2. hey Ting~ you're right! cuz i found my problem on these pictures as well, looks like i force myself to change to this way of painting… unnatural ...
    hot press paper? ok i will get one to try it ! love your useful suggestion always! xx