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10 April, 2015

No.181 Italy trip

Ten days in Italy with my lovely illustrator friends ( tho one is in far far away but her spirit with us :) ), very enjoyable!
The book fair itself is great as usual. Seeing many outstanding artwork always can inspire me a lot, and motivate me to work harder.

we visited Cortona, very beautiful place and people are very kind.

Sorry I am very bad at blogging, but I am glad to share some photos at least.

14 December, 2014


I haven't updated my blog for a while... but I am still alive, still drawing :)

It's almost the end of the year, so I feel like to review a bit of what I been doing. I think I didn't do much, at least I still made something done.
I had a project about a hard subject, and I really don't like it. This is a challenge to push myself to complete a work I don't really "feel" it. I learnt how to keep my arse on the chair, force myself to look at blank papers. Though it's painful process, but it's also very precious experience. In the end, the result seems not bad.
Also, I have another project, to illustrate someone else book, which I always want to try. I enjoy the story very much, so the characters come to me easily. I draw happily, and the editor likes my work too. But I noticed slightly something missing in my illustrations and I can't tell what it is. Then I got a advice from the publisher, saying the main character is very lovable but other supporting roles seem not as vivid as him. Then I look back those finales, yes he's right. It's hard to discard some drawings when you think it's okay but also you know it can be better! I redo them, and I can see my improvement. I am glad I did it.

It's not easy to become a full time children's book author-illustrator, really not easy... a very long way to go,  full of obstacles but full of thankful blessing too.

yiting x

17 September, 2014


Inspired by Marchesa ss15 London Fashion Week. 
Fall in love with the gown!

08 August, 2014


Happy father's day!
It's father's day in Taiwan today. 8th of August. Because of the pronunciation of 8 in Mandarin is pretty close to 爸, which mean Dad, so I guess that's why we make 8/8 to the Daddy's day!
However, Dad is always the awesome one! Love you Dad :) 

22 June, 2014


Recently I tried a new technique to make image, and I really enjoy it. I was quite very stressful for a few month, worrying about my future and some sort of silly worries just stuck in my head. Finally got a good news, sort of take off some weight on my shoulders. Then I enjoy my creative work freely, again :)